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Dishing the Dirt: How Soil Can Sicken Your Pet

Dogs naturally love to root around in the dirt. Whether digging or snuffling through leaves, they may unearth something more troubling than an earthworm or bug; they may come in contact with parasites, infectious diseases, or fungal spores. Beneath the soil's surface lies a hidden world fraught with potential hazards that can harm your furry [...]

Weighing the Options for Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can provide peace of mind and financial security for pet owners facing unexpected veterinary expenses. However, choosing the right pet insurance policy requires careful consideration and comparison, because the process can be confusing as you wade through the jargon and the fine print. Therefore, our Valley Center Veterinary Clinic team presents the key [...]

Achoo and Itch: Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

Cats and dogs can be affected by various allergens that range from seasonal or environmental to food and flea allergies. Many pet owners assume their pets have allergies because they scratch more—which is one of the most telling allergy signs—but allergies in pets manifest differently and mostly cause physical issues. Our Valley Center Veterinary Clinic [...]

Unraveling the Ruff: Why Do Dogs Bark?

Is your dog’s barking creating havoc in the home? Have your neighbors complained about the ruffing ruckus? You’re not alone. Barking is a common problem among canines. Dog barking is an innate communication method that conveys many messages. While barking is a natural dog behavior, its motivations and meanings can be complex and multifaceted. Understanding [...]

Talking About Your Pet’s Behavior with Your Veterinarian

Your pet may be sweet, loving, and gentle most of the time, but other times they might be less than perfect. Pet behavior problems, such as spraying or destructive chewing, are familiar yet challenging. You may wonder why your pet is "acting up" and want nothing more than for them to be the angel you [...]

Why Do Cats Drool?

Although cats have been domesticated for millennia, their antics and behaviors may strike people as unusual and mysterious. One such behavior that can sometimes catch cat owners off guard is drooling. While the behavior may seem unnatural or alarming at first, cats drool for several reasons, and our Valley Center Veterinary Clinic team explains why [...]

Protecting Your Furry Friend: Common Household Hazards for Pets

Our pets are curious and mischievous and often sniff out items that can cause toxicity or injury. While our homes provide comfort and security for our pets, they can also harbor a variety of hidden dangers that pose serious risks to their health. As devoted caretakers of our beloved furry friends, ensuring their safety and [...]

10 Pet Health Signs You Should Not Ignore

Your wonderful pet means the world to you, and if something is causing them pain, you want to know right away. Pets usually hide ill health signs until a condition becomes advanced. Your pet’s stoic behavior is instinctual, because, in the wild, sickness and injury would alert predators to their vulnerability. To help ensure your [...]

Something to Smile About: Dental Health Matters to Your Pet

Dental health is an important aspect of cats’ and dogs’ well-being, but dental care is often overlooked. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, a good time to assess your four-legged friend’s oral health and hygiene. Our Valley Center Veterinary Clinic team takes the mystery out of your pet’s mouth health by providing tips on [...]

6 Tips for Stress-Free Veterinary Visits

Visiting the veterinarian can be a daunting experience for your pet and you. Every pet is unique and may struggle with different veterinary experience fears. Therefore, you should prepare your pet for a trip to the veterinarian based on their specific personality and needs. Our team at Valley Center Veterinary Clinic shares six tips to [...]

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